What is a hand sanitiser?

A hand sanitiser is an antiseptic liquid formulation that quickly kills, neutralises, or inhibits the growth of germs on physically clean hands, with the aim of avoiding transmission of germs. Unlike hand cleansers, which clean physically dirty hands and require water to lather and then rinse off, hand sanitisers do not require water and can simply be left on the hands.

Why is the alcohol content significant?

You’ve probably seen that you need at least 60% alcohol content for hand sanitiser to work properly. With 75% alcohol as the active ingredient, we stock one of the highest alcohol concentrations compared to many competitors in the UK.

What's the current UK advice about face masks and coverings?

Face coverings are now mandatory in shops and supermarkets in England. They were already mandatory on public transport and in hospitals, and the new rule brings England into line with Scotland, where face coverings are mandatory in shops and on public transport. As the economy continues to get back to normal, face masks in the workplace are also viewed as an increasingly suitable precautionary measure, especially in cases where physical and social distancing is unworkable.

Can I purchase in bundles?

Yes! We stock a range of suitable hand sanitiser products and face masks. You can also submit an enquiry directly on our site for custom orders where we will get back to you.